Torre do Deza Hotel

Dear customers, we are reforming our Spa facilities to provide a better service. Therefore, the saunas will remain inoperative until December 20, 2019 approximately: dynamic pool and cabin service are still active.

Spa & Wellness

Submerge yourself in wellness and let your problems evaporate in the Hotel Spa Norat Torre do Deza health and beauty centre in Lalín, with a hydrothermal circuit and novel body and facial treatments.

Treatments and massages

We offer a complete selection of aesthetic, therapeutic and relaxing treatments: massages, body wraps, beauty and fitness programmes, treatments with algae…

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Torre do Deza Hotel
Torre do Deza Hotel Torre do Deza Hotel
Torre do Deza Hotel

Thermal circuit

In our modern and complete thermal circuit you can enjoy a spa session to oxygenate, tone and relax your body. The services you will find are:

  • Turkish sauna of 45ºC in temperature with 90% humidity, which will help you eliminate toxins from your body and purify your respiratory system.
  • Finnish sauna of 80ºC in temperature with dry heat, which helps reactivate blood circulation and relax muscles.
  • Contrast shower: a pressure shower that combines hot and cold water, alternating the water jets and directing them progressively from one area of the body to the other, from head to toes.
  • Sensations Shower: ideal after a heat therapy thanks to the hot-cold contrast, which is highly beneficial for your health.
  • Bucket shower: thermal clash or contrast in a bath where a large quantity of cold water falls on you in a short amount of time. The objective of this type of shower is to search for an instant thermal contrast after coming out of the sauna, steam bath or any other element of elevated thermal condition. It is important for the cold water to hit the body (chest and back) and not the head directly, since the thermal contrast is considerable.
Jacuzzi and pool
  • Jacuzzi to relax and tone the muscles, perfect to release tension.
  • Dynamic pool with water at 35ºC in temperature and swan neck water jet that will help you soothe and release tensions on your back, relaxing bubble seats, underwater jets to tone and relax your abdomen or lower back; and bubble beds that help you reactivate blood circulation in your legs, back and neck.
Torre do Deza Hotel
Torre do Deza Hotel
Torre do Deza Hotel

Gym and relaxation area

Gym where you can do a bit of exercise and a relaxation area with deck chairs, recommended for the end of the circuit so you can come out of it completely relaxed.

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Treatment cancellation policy for resident guests:

Treatments must be cancelled at least 12 hours in advance. If a guest does not attend a booked appointment 50% of the treatment cost will be charged to their room.

If a guest does not attend a treatment that was included with their accommodation, they will lose that treatment.

If the guest arrives late for a treatment, the waiting time will be deducted from their total treatment time, so as not to delay other clients. (Only when necessary, if there are no subsequent bookings, the full treatment time may be given.)

For non-resident guests:

A card number and expiry date must be provided as a guarantee. If the booking is cancelled at least 12 hours in advance there will be no charge; if not, 50% of the treatment cost will be charged.