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Activities and nature

Thanks to our privileged geographical location in the heart of the Deza region, the heart of Galicia, there are many green landscapes nearby full of hiking routes and outdoor activities.

The famous Via de la Plata, a variation of the Way of St. James, also goes through our territory and through the towns of Dozón, Lalín and Silleda.

There are many leisure and adventure activities to do in the area, such as horse riding, rafting, climbing, kayaking, etc.

There are also many cultural visits to go on:

Hotel Torre do Deza

Vilatuxe Recreational Area (Playa do Boi, Vilatuxe, Lalín)

In the parish of Vilatuxe (Lalín) we can find one of the most pleasant spots where to spend a summer’s day. The river Deza created the river beach of Pozo de Boi in its way through this parish. Here, you can have a swim in a completely natural setting, have a bite to eat in the garden area with tables and a barbecue under the oak trees and children can play in the recreational area.

Hotel Torre do Deza

Casa do Patrón Ethnographic Museum (Lalín)

This museum’s facilities are located in a 200-year-old stone house, a tribute to our ancestors. Inside you can visit the different rooms, each with a different theme. Agriculture, flax growing, traditional Galician homes and different crafts are just some of the things you can discover in Casa do Patrón. Also, you can even see what a classroom from the early Twentieth century looked like!

Hotel Torre do Deza

Pazo de Anzuxao (Noceda, Lalín)

Unlike most renovated Galician pazos, traditional stately homes which have become tourist establishments, Pazo de Anzuxao in Lalín is a property that has spent the last forty years elaborating and commercialising cheese. The region of O Deza has a long tradition of producing dairy products which come from the milk of the cows that roam freely whilst grazing on the hillsides.

As well as the nearby factory, the pazo is a family home with has a shop and a large hall that hosts visitors and provides them with information on the cheese-production process and all the varieties.

Hotel Torre do Deza

Pazo de Liñares (Cristimil, Lalín)

A Baroque-style pazo from the Seventeenth century founded by Álvaro Núñez Taboada. It was inhabited until the early Twentieth century although it was only being used as a holiday home since the previous century. The building is L-shaped and its interior includes a foyer (where the famous Spanish aviator Joaquín Loriga was baptised), a library, an arms display cabinet, a Romanesque baptismal font and a large balcony. Outside, there is a chapel, the servants’ houses, two large ovens, a shed, a granary and a dovecote. In the garden you can also find a large cypress tree, a magnolia tree and a fountain. In 2009, the pazo was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest.

Children can also have a good time here at Casa dos Títeres, the House of Puppets, a complex that was especially designed for children and a must for all who come and visit Lalín, whether they have children or not. At the Galician Puppet Museum you can find more than 400 items from all five continents and exhibitions that show the different concepts and uses that puppets have around the world.

Hotel Torre do Deza

Fervenza do Toxa (Toxa, Silleda)

This beautiful show of water, light and sound that results in a stunning waterfall on the river Toxa, in the parish of Pazos, is located just 15 minutes from the hotel. It is considered as the highest waterfall in the whole of Galicia, a space of extraordinary beauty where the vegetation, rocks and water come together to make this natural masterpiece. Thanks to its extensive botanical diversity and its many Mediterranean-type herbs, it was used as a pharmacy by the monks from the Carboeiro and Camanzo monasteries.

You can get to the waterfall through two different accesses: from the viewpoint, where you can see the top of the waterfall and the union of the Toxa and Deza rivers; and by following the trail to the bottom of the waterfall, from where you will be able to see the spectacular sight from up close.

Hotel Torre do Deza

Carixa Recreational Area, River beach (Merza, Vila de Cruces)

Located in the parish of Merza (Vila de Cruces), just 5.5 miles from the hotel, is a beautiful recreational area on the banks of the river Deza. Here, you can enjoy bars and garden areas and have a barbecue or go hiking while children have play areas where they can have fun.

The area is open all year long but it becomes a river beach in summer, where as well as the river there are swimming pools for children and adults.

It is the perfect place to spend a day with the family and your children, since there are plenty of places to eat and have fun.

The area has a large parking area for cars and caravans and also, in August, it’s the spot where people celebrate the Festa da Carixa. This festival sees people come with their own food and spend the day and evening enjoying the many activities that take place here.

Hotel Torre do Deza

Monastery of Carboeiro (Carboeiro, Silleda)

The monastery of San Lorenzo de Carboeiro is located on the banks of the river Deza, in the middle of the dense forest. Before being a Benedictine monastery, there was a chapel dedicated to San Lorenzo, which belonged to a hermit. In the year 936 AD, the Counts of Deza (Don Gonzalo and Doña Teresa) built the abbey on top of it with the hope of gathering all the monks and hermits in the region.

The monastery is open to the public and can be visited every day during opening hours.

Hotel Torre do Deza

Pazo de Oca (Oca, La Estrada)

Outside the town of A Estrada, located in the parish of Oca, in the Pontevedra province, there is a beautiful palace with splendid gardens called

Pazo de Oca,

whose current owner is the Ducal House of Medinaceli, one of Spain’s most important noble families

whose family flag waves on top of the palace’s tower.

This private property, where you can visit the spectacular gardens, was declared a historical-artistic monument, in which you can distinguish the three main elements: church-chapel, palace and gardens. The church-chapel is located in front of the square, perpendicularly from the pazo and linked to it through a gallery. The pazo currently has an old part, made up of two wings built in a 90-degree angle; and a crenellated tower with a square base, and a new part that was completed with a southern wing. In the Nineteenth century, they built the gallery, the main staircase, the stone bench and the staircase under the porch by the main entrance.

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